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Effects of voluntary physical exercise, citicoline, and combined treatment on object recognition memory, neurogenesis and neuroprotection after traumatic brain injury in rats.
The biochemical and cellular events that lead to secondary neural damage after ...
Jacotte-Simancas A, Costa-Miserachs D, Coll-Andreu M, Torras-Garcia M, Borlongan C, Portell-Cortes I,
J Neurotrauma. 2014 Aug 21.

Comparative field study: impact of laboratory assay variability on the assessment of recombinant factor IX Fc fusion protein (rFIXFc) activity.
Due to variability in the one-stage clotting assay, the performance of new factor ...
Sommer JM, Buyue Y, Bardan S, Peters RT, Jiang H, Kamphaus GD, Gray E, Pierce GF,
Thromb Haemost. 2014 Aug 21;112(5).

High-efficiency synergistic conversion of CO to methanol using FeO nanotubes modified with double-layer CuO spheres.
Cuprous oxide/hematite nanotubes (Cu2O/Fe2O3NTs) were prepared by a ...
Li P, Jing H, Xu J, Wu C, Peng H, Lu J, Lu F,
Nanoscale. 2014 Aug 21.

Eph receptors as therapeutic targets in glioblastoma.
The dismal outlook for patients with the most aggressive and common form of adult ...
Day BW, Stringer BW, Boyd AW,
Br J Cancer. 2014 Aug 21. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2014.73.

Subgroup effects in a randomised trial of different types and doses of exercise during breast cancer chemotherapy.
Background:The Combined Aerobic and Resistance Exercise Trial tested different ...
Courneya KS, McKenzie DC, Mackey JR, Gelmon K, Friedenreich CM, Yasui Y, Reid RD, Vallerand JR, Adams SC, Proulx C, Dolan LB, Wooding E, Segal RJ,
Br J Cancer. 2014 Aug 21. doi: 10.1038/bjc.2014.466.

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